[Sony] all networks - UNLOCK REMOTELY BY USB


Dear client! Ordering remote unlocking? Please read it first!

Please proceed with your order only upon answering 'YES' to all of the questions below:

* Are you sure that you have entered correct IMEI and that your device is sim locked?
* Are you sure the model you ordered is supported by your chosen service?
* Are you sure that you/your end client are aware of the estimated delivery time, and that it can be extended without prior notification?

Ordering the correct service guarantees yours and your end cleint's satisfaction! :)

Please remember:

* Orders for incorrect service (wrong IMEI/model) will result in a loss of credits for that order
* Orders for unlocked IMEI will not be refunded
* Orders, once processed, cannot be cancelled unless previously agreed with the service provider
* Due to changes in availability and/or technical difficulties on the provider's side, service's delivery time can be extended without prior notification
* In case of order cancellation we refund credits in the account only, not money
* Please assume that all given service times are for WORKING DAYS only - most services also operate on weekends, but not all
* Orders not complying with the above will result in full or partial loss of credits 

Additional requirements for this service:
1. Please download the unlocking client here - link (sometimes reported as a false positive in antivirus check - please disregard)
2. Before connecting the phone please install an appropriate driver from the qUnlocker folder
3. The service's reply will be a username/password combo valid for a single unlock
4. Please do not order accounts in advance - all credits should be used within 48h and the server availability varies

Unsupported models (some users reported problems with unlocking these models, so you order at your own risk):

- C1505 (Xperia E)
- ST21I (Xperia Tipo)
- ST23I (Xperia Miro)
- ST25I (Xperia U)
- ST26I (Xperia J)


Delivery time: 1-24 hours

Bulk orders allowed: Yes

Order type: IMEI

Service type: Calculation

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API